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Update, February 21, 2020: And now, as reported in Forbes (by Melissa Kravitz Hoeffner, who also contributes to The Takeout), the price of the new designer Supreme x Oreo collaboration over on eBay has reached staggering levels. While the three-pack of bright-red Oreos is rumored to retail for $8, some packs of the cookies have hit the secondary market, and bids have climbed to hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars. The most recent bid on this pack is over $17,000. Which is a real shame, because at a price like that, I imagine the winner isn’t going to eat them and let us all know how they stack up to a regular pack of Oreos.

Original post, February 19, 2020: A “Supreme Oreo” sounds like the next stage of creme-center amplification, one step beyond Most Stuf. But in fact, the “Supreme” part refers to the streetwear company, which is collaborating with Oreo on a bright-red cookie stamped with the fashion brand’s logo. We can confirm that this isn’t an online hoax created by random prankster fans, though it has every appearance of one. As Hypebeast notes, Supreme revealed the collab as part of the “Accessories” section of its Spring/Summer 2020 lookbook, and Oreo has confirmed it.


The rumor is that a 3-pack of the designer Oreos will cost $8, and what appears to be the genuine article is already listed on eBay for $200. While it’s not entirely shocking that people would pay top-dollar for limited-edition treats, I would be shocked if the cookie part of this Oreo were the proper shade of red, and not the darkish red velvet hue I’m anticipating.

Marnie Shure is editor in chief of The Takeout.

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