Heinz is giving away Tomato Blood ketchup via TikTok

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Bottle of Heinz "Tomato Blood" ketchup
Graphic: Heinz

Halloween has a funny effect on snack foods. When the witching hour is nigh, anything is possible—meaning peeled grapes become eyeballs, cold spaghetti becomes brains and/or strands of witches’ hair, and a bottle of old-fashioned tomato ketchup becomes an O-negative feast fit for Nosferatu himself. Good news for ketchup fans and vamps alike: Heinz has temporarily rebranded its classic ketchup as “Tomato Blood.”

Unfortunately, Heinz Tomato Blood isn’t available on store shelves. And, it turns out, it won’t even be available until after Halloween (more on that in a moment). But with a little ingenuity (and a promise of fealty to Gen Z), you can sink your fangs into this creepy condiment. From now through October 31, you can enter to win a bottle of Tomato Blood via TikTok. To enter, post a video that features a bottle of Heinz ketchup and include the hashtags #HeinzHalloween and #Sweepstakes in the caption. After you post the video, you must officially enter to win on the Heinz website.


Heinz will select 570 winners (a number very close to Heinz’s heart) from the entries after November 1. If you win, you’ll receive your Tomato Blood at some point in November. Hey, we knew the holiday season would look a little different this year.

Want to enter, but not sure where to start? Personally, I’d love to see Takeout readers bust out their plastic fangs and surrender to the music of the night via a campy Dracula-inspired bite scene. If, like me, you’re both intrigued and terrified by the TikTok universe, you can also easily latch onto another viral TikTok trend. Just make sure to include your ketchup somewhere in the video. If you do end up entering, prithee drop your TikTok links in the comment section. I vant to see your masterpieces.