Heinz HoneyRacha sauce will arrive in style this spring

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Photo: Heinz

First, the mad scientists at Heinz combined ketchup and mayonnaise to make MayoChup. Its startling success caused Heinz to realize that perhaps other condiments could be mixed together. MayoMust and MayoCue soon entered our lives, ranch dressing was mixed with ketchup, ketchup was mixed with Ed Sheeran. The Pandora’s box of mixing things with other things has been opened, and Heinz cannot—nay, will not—stop until we live in a world where every condiment combination has been explored. The newest star to emerge from its top-secret laboratory is a Frankenstein’s monster of sweet honey and spicy sriracha: Ladies and gentlemen, gird your loins, because here comes HoneyRacha.


HoneyRacha isn’t just sneaking onto store shelves, oh no. A condiment of this magnitude must make itself known in a big way, and there is no bigger way to make a sweet and spicy birth announcement than at the Super Bowl. The newly crowned King of All Condiments shall be heralded in a second-quarter ad produced in collaboration with director Roman Coppola—but as a Heinz spokesperson confirmed to The Takeout, HoneyRacha will be playing coy in the commercial, merely teasing its existence in a brief appearance that we can only assume will whip its rapidly growing fan army into a hysterical frenzy.

As for when we’ll be able to finally taste HoneyRacha for ourselves, Heinz wouldn’t reveal the exact date, but said to keep our eyes peeled in the condiment aisle this spring. If it arrives in time for grilling season, HoneyRacha is poised to become the Margo Martindale of cookouts in 2020.

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I just don’t get the popularity of mayochup. Everyone has mayo in their fridge. Everyone has ketchup in their fridge. Do we really need to keep a 3rd condiment bottle around  just so we don’t have to take 20 seconds to mix them together?