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Whole Foods-Amazon: “Nice local grocer you’ve got, shame if free delivery happened to it”

Illustration for article titled Whole Foods-Amazon: “Nice local grocer you’ve got, shame if free delivery happened to it”
Photo: Smith Collection/Gado / Contributor (Getty Images)

In case you hadn’t noticed, Amazon is really feelin’ the Whole Foods connection these days. They made the chain, which they acquired last year for almost $14 billion, a big part of this year’s Prime Day. They’ve also introduced surprisingly sweet discounts and, in some places, delivery, available to Prime members.


Well hey, now they’re expanding that whole free delivery thing (yes, you still have to tip, please tip) to more cities, some of them extremely large, with more cities planned for the future.

Yesterday, the company expanded delivery service for Prime members to include Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Palm Beach, Long Island, Brooklyn, and part of Manhattan. There’s a $35 minimum to get free two-hour delivery, and members can upgrade to one-hour delivery for a measly $7.99.


Those areas in Florida and New York join cities like Boston, Chicago, Baltimore, San Antonio, Minneapolis, and Houston; the company plans to continue to suck more cities into its orbit.

In short, Amazon seems unsatisfied with merely killing bookstores, is now determined to shut down the Devon Fresh Market (and other locally-owned grocery stores that aren’t the one right by my house.)

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Will they live-stream the produce and meat selection process so that I can direct them to the specific steaks and produce that I want? I am way too picky about certain produce items and meats to let some random delivery person just grab the closest ones.