Amazon launches 30-minute grocery pickup at Whole Foods

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Amazon today announced the launch of grocery pickup at Whole Foods in select stores. Mashable reports that the program will start in stores in Sacramento, California, and Virginia Beach, Virginia, but will expand to other areas throughout the year—all part of a continuing quest to make it impossible for us to forget that hey, Amazon owns Whole Foods now.


It works like this: Prime members can pre-order groceries through the Prime Now app or site, just as they would when placing an order for delivery (another AMAZON HAS WHOLE FOODS NOW GUYS move). Then, in the cities in which Amazon offers this service, customers can select pickup instead of delivery. This hypothetical shopper would then let Amazon know when they were en route, so the store could have it ready. Then the customer pulls into a fancy Prime Now pickup spot, and someone from the store hustles out with the groceries in tow.

If you’re willing to wait for an hour, the fee for such a service is ZERO DOLLARS! If you’re in a hurry though, you can get the goods in half an hour for $4.99. Pickup will be available from 8 a.m.–10 p.m.

This service joins a list that includes the aforementioned Prime Now delivery service, a host of changing deals and savings in-store available exclusively to Prime members, and involvement in Prime Day, Amazon’s annual giant marketing blitz.

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The thing about Whole Foods is that the business model has never been about being anything like Amazon. It’s a place where people can spend more money and feel like everything they do is so much more relax and healthy and better for the world. They have the food bar and tables out front for you to eat and chill.  It’s a different atmosphere than a mail order service.  I’m not sure that Amazon completely gets that with some of the changes they have done at the store levels of Whole Foods.