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Last Call: The time drug-sniffing dogs stopped Mary Berry at customs

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Photo: Stuart C. Wilson (Getty Images)
Last CallLast CallLast Call is The Takeout’s online watering hole where you can chat, share recipes, and use the comment section as an open thread. Here’s what we’ve been reading/watching/listening around the office today.

Mary Berry sits in a holding cell at customs

We will stop posting adorable Mary Berry videos… nope, we’ll never stop. Today’s installment is this snippet from The Graham Norton Show in which beloved cooking-show host Berry explains the time she was stopped by drug-sniffing dogs as she came through customs. Why on earth would a lady carrying tiny Ziploc bags of white flour through international borders arouse suspicion? Not only is Berry charming as ever in recounting the mix-up, but her insistence on transporting her own, pre-measured baking ingredients shows just how seriously she takes her tarts and cakes.


And because it’s Monday and we could all use a double dose of Berry, here she is on BBC program Woman’s Hour explaining how she likes to sit alone eating boiled eggs with a glass of “very chilled” white wine. Hero. [Kate Bernot]

Kate Bernot is a freelance writer and a certified beer judge. She was previously managing editor at The Takeout.

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Boiled eggs and white wine is the most vile food combination I’ve ever been forced to learn about.