Wu-Tang Clan partners with White Castle for some insane, intriguing reason

Photo: Andrew Chin (Getty Images), Kevin Pang

Why is Wu-Tang Clan teaming up with White Castle? Did their consultants at Wu-Tang Financials suggested it was a good opportunity? We were first alerted of this partnership through a cryptic Instagram post through White Castle’s account featuring the RZA—who apparently is now Sun Ra reincarnated—asking earthlings seeking celestial communications to call a toll-free line featuring the word SLIDER in its number.


Our colleagues at VegNews shed a bit more light, reporting that it’s part of White Castle’s national launch campaign of its meatless Impossible Sliders—which makes sense, as RZA is a longtime vegan. Normally, we’re skeptical to write about some chain’s marketing gimmick, but we’re making an exception on a few levels: 1) The Impossible Slider is actually rather tasty, in our humble opinion, 2) Any group who wrote 36 Chambers ain’t nuthin’ to fuck with.

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