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One of his most famous characters spent a lot of time hunting down sliders at White Castle, but as a vegan, Kal Penn apparently wasn’t actually partaking of those delicious mini-burgers in the Harold And Kumar movies. He tells Business Insider, “The person in charge of props went out of her way to make little mini veggie burgers for me. Who would have thought that 14 years later we could be using Impossible Sliders?”


Part of the reason for that is Penn himself. When he first tasted an Impossible Burger a few years ago, he was so impressed, he decided to invest in the company. White Castle then started testing the Impossible Burger in several markets, including Chicago and New York. (We tasted it and gave it a solid B.) Business Insider reports that the effort was so positive, chain announced this week that the burger will be available in all nationwide stores for $1.99.

Penn is undoubtedly pleased about the parts he’s played in the White Castle legend and its turn toward the healthful. He said: “You no longer have to make a choice between something that’s environmentally conscious and something that tastes really good.”

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.

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