Even my heart was warmed by that video, even though my brain was screaming at it not to. This is some of the best robot propaganda I have seen in recent memory, and every single one of you should be terrified. Go take another look at happens between the 10- and 11-second mark. I’ll wait.


That’s right: an attractive person calls to the robot like a puppy and it follows. In less time than it takes to blink, the robot is able to shoot straight past any barriers of intellect and reasoning we use to protect ourselves against robots. By the time the advertisement mentions that the B.O.T. includes a “charming A.I. personality” at the 38-second mark, we’ve long been ready to submit to its whims. It’s straight up diabolical.

Anyway, if you have resigned yourself to the inevitability of robot rule and would like the chance to bring this mechanical beer puppy home, you’ll need to enter a one-day-only sweepstakes on Thursday, July 1. And hey, if you don’t win, that’s okay too; in fact, that might mean you are the ultimate winner, once the singularity happens.