Here’s a list of free stuff you can get with your COVID-19 vaccine card [Updated]

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Everyone loves free stuff, right? It’s why people stand in line for hours just to score a sandwich or a cookie or something. As a sign of the times, there are brands and chains out there that are encouraging you to get vaccinated, and as a carrot on a stick (or hot dog, in this case), there are freebies to be had once you get that sweet, sweet, jab. Today has a list of places you can snag some free stuff. Hop on and let’s get some beer.


White Castle

Sure you know all about White Castle sliders, but did you know that White Castle also serves cake on a stick?! As if that wasn’t exciting enough, there are four different flavors: Gooey Buttercake, Fudge Dipped Brownie, Fudge Dipped Cheesecake, and Birthday Cake. If you swing by your local White Castle at any time until May 31 and show proof that you’ve been vaccinated, one of those cake sticks can be all yours for zero dollars, no purchase necessary.


In a new Clydesdale- and puppy-strewn commercial spot called “Reunited With Buds,” Budweiser has unveiled, a site where users can upload proof of vaccination in exchange for $5 in beer money. Delish notes that the proof of vaccination can take the form of “a selfie with your sticker, photo of your band-aid, or image of you at the vaccination site.”

So Good So You

So Good So You sells nutritional juice shots (not the needle kind, but the kind you toss back in one gulp) filled with probiotics. Go here to sign up for a voucher to get a free juice shot.


Samuel Adams

Good ol’ Sam Adams set up a hashtag, #ShotForSam, where the first 10,000 people on Instagram or Twitter who posted evidence of vaccination (like a band-aid covered arm or vaccine card) will be awarded $7 through Cash App. You’ve got to tag the tweet or photo with that hashtag in order to qualify. That should be enough to get you a cold one, so, cheers.


Nathan’s Famous

Sorry, world, this is only for the Coney Island location, but if you come into Nathan’s Famous on the day of your second vaccination with your card, you can get a free hot dog. Hot dogs rule.


Krispy Kreme

You don’t live in New York? Well, that’s okay, because how about a doughnut? If you bring your vaccination card to any location you can get a free doughnut, one per day, either in-store or in the drive-thru. Doctors aren’t too happy about this one, though.


Drop Technologies

Drop is a service that lets you earn rewards for shopping through its app. Post a selfie with the hashtag #DropCovid and @joindrop on Instagram, and you’ll get a credit of $50.


Office Depot and Staples

Okay, no food here. But this is still useful. Both chains will allow you to laminate your cards for free so you don’t get mustard all over them when you redeem your free hot dog. For Office Depot and Office Max, you can use the coupon 52516714 through July 25. For Staples, use code 81540 until May 1. The CDC suggests you take a photo of your card for a backup too. I’m also hearing that a plastic sleeve for your vaccination card might also be a good idea in case you need to, say, update the original card with a booster stamp later.


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Brick HardMeat

Looking forward to the impending flood of stories about anti-vaxxers throwing fits and shitting themselves in businesses that give out vaccination incentives because they want their free stuff too and it isn’t fair.