The inventor of the TikTok tortilla-folding hack gives us a better way to cook eggs

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The TikTok wave is still going strong. People are finding more impressive food tricks that can be pulled off within 60 seconds, and based off what I see on a daily basis, food TikTok shows no signs of slowing down. Maybe the greatest TikTok star is Yumna Jawad, aka @feelgoodfoodie, who developed a folding technique to prevent all the shit from falling out of your tortilla and also the feta tomato pasta. Now she’s has come out with a new trick. This time, it’s to make cloud eggs using your microwave.


Yahoo!Life has the story. Jawad, who got her start on Instagram documenting her way to becoming a self-taught chef, rose to an arguable success of 2.5 million followers on the platform. She then tried out TikTok, unsure of whether or not her skills would translate to a social media platform that features a lot of people singing and dancing. But she focused on her cooking skills, and now has close to a million followers on TikTok.

Her version of cloud eggs doesn’t involve a ton of effort; basically, it boils down separating a single egg and whipping the white in a mug until it’s fluffy with stiff peaks. After that, you microwave it for 30 seconds, pop the raw yolk in, and microwave the whole thing for another 15 seconds. And voila! You’ve got your attractive puffy egg ready to eat. In the time it takes to separate an egg, whip the whites, and microwave the egg, you might be able to have already fried one up, but I have a feeling Instagram doesn’t like those eggs nearly as much.

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Brick HardMeat

These don’t look appetizing to me.

I don’t want my eggs to be neat little bundles of protein.

I want them to be sloppy. I want the yolk running like a cascade of flavor down my chin. I want it cooked in butter, or olive oil, or, if I’m feeling dirty, bacon grease. The act of eating an egg should be primal, a tug of war between the animal side of you that wants to slurp it up and the civilized side that has been indoctrinated to use silverware and maintain decorum — and the animal side should win.

Eating an egg should be like sex in the surf or during a stolen moment in the hallway while guests are downstairs. This looks like hugging your mom.