Here's a fast way to wrap a tortilla so all the stuff doesn't fall out like it usually does

hands grilling a quesadilla
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In news that won’t bog you down and remind you of the current fragile state of human affairs, someone on TikTok has come up with a way to fold up a tortilla wrap in a way that’s quick and easy.


When you use the word “wrap” to describe something, you can put anything in it and suddenly it’s way healthier than it would have been on its own. Like my personal favorite, for example, a chicken salad wrap. Or the McDonald’s McWrap, which we revived from the annals of nostalgia recently. As soon as you call it a wrap, the chicken salad becomes a health food.

On the rare occasion I make a wrap at home, though, it’s always open ended, and half the shit falls back out before I get a chance to eat it. If I had to guess, I would be the worst burrito maker in the world and I am strangely proud of this idea. But I may have to try this new method anyway.

Rather than roll it up, this is more of an extra-folded quesadilla thingie. It starts with a single cut up to halfway through the tortilla. Then it’s wrapped over itself into quarters. Pressing it with a panini press is optional, though melted cheese really is one of life’s true pleasures. Buzzfeed broke down each and every step so you can give it a try too.

It reminds me of this thing Taco Bell did last year called the Grande Stacker, which was pretty much the same old cheese and beef combo you’re used to in a folded pressed quesadilla-ish form. Not their best item from last year, really, but we were going through a lot as a human race.

Other users had some fun and made their own variations. This one is made out of chicken nuggets and who doesn’t like chicken nuggets?


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Did you actually try this with a wrap? It’s terrible advice.

All of that egg (?) is falling out immediately.
Plus the cheese is isolated on its own? Cheese has to go on a hot ingredient to get melted, this glues everything together...

Want to know how to fold a tortilla, go to a burrito shop and watch how they do it—almost always envelope-style:

From the bottom up, covering the filling, short folds in on each side then roll it up.