The Greek Frappe will keep you buzzing all summer long

For this bonus Friday edition of What’s In The House? we’ve got more valuable culinary intel from Athens. Remember Stephanie? Remember how thoroughly and completely Greek she is? She’s shared some recipes from the homeland before, but now she’s back with the most important one yet: the Greek Frappe.

The frappe (or frappé) has been a staple of Greek life since the 1960s, after a Nestlé representative invented it at the 1957 Thessaloniki International Trade Fair. It’s a foam-topped, bittersweet, perfectly chilled coffee beverage that will power you through even the hottest, slowest afternoons—which Stephanie seems to be experiencing a lot of while she’s all alone in her aunt and uncle’s house. So grab a shaker and plenty of ice. It’s time to get buzzed.


TampaBabaYaga 2021 Edition

Watching Stephanie try to remember what an immersion blender is made my day. Also, when I was pandemic cleaning/organizing my pantry I found my unopened jar of instant coffee (don’t judge it’s part of my hurricane kit), now this gives me a second use for it! HUZZAH!