This week, on CSI: Cheese Singles Investigation...

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Attention whippersnappers, rowdy teens, and youths who are up to no good: police in Carrollton, Texas are hip to your #CheeseChallenge on TikTok, and they won’t stand for it. They’re currently on the hunt for the monsters who did this to a poor, innocent vehicle:

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Screenshot: WFAA (YouTube)

Lest you think this is some sort of joke, Carrollton police have called in the big guns. It seems that the geniuses who committed this “harmless prank” didn’t consider the fact that American cheese is quite good at capturing fingerprints. Perhaps they forgot their crime-committing gloves at home, or perhaps they didn’t think there was any possible way that putting a few slices of cheese on a car would warrant a full investigation. But it has.

Speaking to local ABC affiliate WFAA, officer Parker Powell gave a bit of insight into the case, showing camera crews how he lightly dusted the processed sandwich slices to bring police one step closer to cracking the case.

“On probably about three of the slices there were really good fingerprints,” he said.

While police admit that, technically, slapping a few slices of American cheese on a car isn’t a crime, there was other unspecified damage to the car, and cops want answers. Let this be a reminder to the youth of America: throwing cheese at things can have real consequences. We don’t recommend throwing cheese at babies, but at least they don’t call the cops.

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