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The Takeout is intended to be a two-way conversation. We’re not just shouting into the abyss, but writing specifically for you, the reader. We’re grateful for your nice comments, for when you call us out for doing something dumb, for holding us accountable.


Often in a story’s comment section we’ll read: “You should write about so-and-so” or “Y’all should come up with a recipe for this-and-that.” In the spirit of listening to customer feedback, and having all these suggestions in one place, let’s start a comment thread: What should we write about next? What recipes would you like us to develop? What’s a burning question you’d like answered? What’s something we’re not reporting on that we should?

Thank you kindly, and we appreciate you reading The Takeout, as always.

Your friendly neighborhood editor,

Kevin Pang was the founding editor of The Takeout, and director of the documentary For Grace.

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2 years ago I got into vegetable gardening. One of the side affects of this hobby is an overabundance of produce. Maybe some sort of regular column on preserving and/or canning items to increase their shelf life.