Taco Bell customer finds "doorknob" in nachos

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Taco Bell can offer you a lot these days. From vegetarian options to a stay in a hotel filled with Taco Bell stuff, the Mexican fast food chain has become something of a cultural mainstay, a shortcut for whenever you want a lot of tacos and burritos for very little money/effort. And yet, sometimes Taco Bell is capable of giving too much. You know the old saying: sometimes life gives you tacos, sometimes it gives you a box cutter.


One customer got more than she bargained for over the recently passed holiday weekend, when a location in Fishkill, New York allegedly left what appeared to be a doorknob in her nachos. Behold:

Her Facebook post has since made national news, although as the Hudson Valley Post notes, the doorknob wasn’t actually a doorknob at all, but rather the handle of a nacho cheese dispenser’s pump. This was only revealed after numerous attempted phone calls; she claims that “she called Taco Bell to complain and was told it was “impossible” for the item to end up in her nachos and was hung up on. She says she then called back over and over again with no one taking her call.” She was reportedly later offered discounts for her trouble.

In a statement, Taco Bell corporate said that “We take this very seriously. The franchisee that owns and operates this location is looking into this matter and strives to make things right with the customer.” Perhaps next time, instead of grabbing for the doorknob, she could simply ring the Bell.

In the meantime, can we trend #knobchos on Twitter?


Darth Credence

OK, Taco Bell screwed up here, no doubt. But I’m thinking that if I’m a chain, and someone posts that they are going to come fuck someone up over this, I don’t really mind losing them as a customer. My corporate response would be to say that this is a regrettable incident and that we apologize for this happening, but we will also not be subjecting our employees and stores to someone who makes open threats. Therefore, we would be happy to mail you a refund for this transaction in exchange for you not returning to a Taco Bell in the future.