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Packaged avocado toast “kits” are either genius or insufferable

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People love to rail against avocado toast, but you know what, avocado toast is delicious. A nicely toasted, thick slice of nutty multigrain bread, some chunky-but-creamy guac spread, a little sriracha or flaked salt on top—lovely little breakfast there. Where the ire comes from, I think, is when a brunch restaurant with subway tile and those pipe light fixtures charges $18 for what is, in essence, just a piece of toast and half an avocado. That grinds our collective gears, but how do we feel about a $2.79 “breakfast avocado toast” kit from the grocery store?


Sabra—which many know as “the hummus company”—recently introduced these prepackaged, some-assembly-required kits to grocery shelves. Each kit has a little packet of guacamole spread (avocados, cilantro, lime juice) plus some whole grain toast squares to spread it on. They retail at Target for less than $3. Genius, or insufferable? Let’s break down the arguments.



  • They’re basically a guac version of Sabra’s hummus and pretzel kits, which no one seem to mind.
  • It’s more economical than buying a giant tub of guac and an entire box of Triscuits.
  • Avocados are hard to mash on the go. Bread is hard to toast on the go.


  • Where is the knife for spreading? Now we’re dipping avocado toast?
  • Avocado toast is dumb on face, ergo, to-go avocado toast kits are even more dumb.
  • What’s next? Jam-on-toast kits?*

*Editor’s note: Free million-dollar idea right there, Smucker’s.

Kate Bernot is a freelance writer and a certified beer judge. She was previously managing editor at The Takeout.

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

I was going to call them dumb, but if they cost less than $3 then you are only paying about a buck for a little bit of convenience and that’s fine.