DIY avocado toast is a sham

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Avocado toast is one of those items where it usually makes sense to purchase at the cafe: topped with pickled onions, sun-dried tomatoes, and/or sesame seeds, the presentation is usually much fancier than you would put on your own plate at home. We say usually, because a recent diner was quite dismayed by her recent avocado toast order.


It happened in Melbourne, Australia, where writer Jess McGuire ordered avocado toast for $18 Australian dollars, about $13 in American dollars. She was greeted with this lazy presentation of minimalism sham:

The plate from Melbourne’s The Kettle Black cafe hosted two slices of toast, half an avocado, feta cheese, a lime wedge, and a line of salt. McGuire told, “It was funny, but a ridiculous dish to serve. I prefer my food constructed and I made the assumption that’s how it would be served.” She even made a joke to the waitress that the dish looked a bit deconstructed; the waitress just smiled.

The cafe manager maintains that this spare dish is one of the establishment’s most popular items, and has been served the same way for years. Still, it looks pretty pathetic, especially at that price point. The only way to justify this $13 charge is if that line of salt isn’t actually salt, you know.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.



As Latina who grew up eating avocado on toast for breakfast for the past 34 years because that’s just what we do...I hate you white hipster restaurant owners. I literally feel triggered everytime I read a culinary article that talks about avocado toasts. I hate that avocado toast has become a basic white girl thing. I hate that now the cool thing to do is to mock people who eat avocado toast when there is an entire cultural group of people who grew up eating it just cause that what we do.

My rant is over. I shall never again read or click on an avocado toast article.