Pringles’ new Wendy’s Spicy Chicken chips bring the meat as much as the heat

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Left: Tube of Pringles + Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich potato chips. Right: Looking inside the Pringles tube
Photo: Allison Robicelli

Even in a chicken-sandwich-obsessed society, there are still places where you cannot comfortably eat chicken sandwiches, such as on a crowded subway or at the gym. Yet don’t we deserve to experience the ecstasy of a fast food chicken sandwich whenever and wherever we please? If we can’t change the world to accommodate non-stop, all-occasion chicken sandwiches, then we must instead find a way to adapt said sandwiches so that they fit into all facets of daily life.

Historically I have been distrustful of “meat-flavored” snacks that aren’t meat, because they usually fall into one of two categories: abominations that taste like cleaning products and salt, or things that taste so much like actual meat that, frankly, they’re disturbing. Over a century’s worth of science fiction couldn’t have prepared us for a world in which we can press a potato-based wafer on our tongue and feel like we’re eating caviar or haggis, and yet, here we are. And here I am, in the space-aged year of 2021, making my way through an entire tube of Pringles that taste remarkably like a Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich, just like Hollywood promised.


Pringles has gone down this road before, so I supposed I should have had more faith in its ability to crack the chicken sandwich code. Of course, this is not a perfect replacement for chicken sandwiches—it does not have the warm, gentle notes of lightly toasted bread or the crisp bite of a cold tomato, because there’s only so far that current potato chip technology can take us. It does have plenty of that signature spicy coating that makes Wendy’s chicken sandwiches so beloved, with a faint backnote of real, 100% convincing white-meat chicken flavor. I guess because of its borderline bland natural flavor, chicken is the easiest meat to accept in wafer form, from both a physical and psychological standpoint.


If you’ve been hoping for a way enjoy the great taste of a spicy chicken sandwich without getting mayonnaise in your purse or a lifetime ban from Planet Fitness, your prayers have finally been answered. And if you’re simply looking for damn tasty potato chip that tastes like chicken, Pringles can be trusted to deliver on that, too.