Report: More millennials drinking it up at home because going out is “too much effort”

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Once again, many of us may be ahead of the trend: A new study by Mintel reports that 55 percent of Americans prefer to drink at home (not that surprising; that’s where our beer is). But in keeping with previous findings that show millenials don’t like to go to Costco and prefer ordering in their groceries and takeout, many of these same millennials prefer getting drunk at home rather than going out.


In the study, Mintel notes “that almost three in ten (28 percent) Younger Millennials (aged 24-31) drink at home because they believe it takes too much effort to go out.” In comparison, only “15 percent of Baby Boomers (aged 54-72) agree it takes too much effort to drink away from home,” as they head out to their local taverns, neighborhood Applebee’s, and pricey wine tastings.

The stay-at-home trend appears to be gaining steam, as restaurant and bar drinkers “are more likely to say they are drinking alcoholic beverages away from home less often in 2018 than they did a year ago.” Reasons that staying at home supersedes going out are listed as “relaxing,” “personal,” and opining that it’s easier to keep tabs on how much they drink at home. (We have the opposite reaction; we’re less likely to order another cocktail when it’s $14.) Mintel notes that establishments are really going to have to step up their game to draw these reticent millennials out—with Instagram-ready pop-up bars, for example.

Granted, there are other factors in play: the extra four dollars in that horrific tax bill that Paul Ryan was crowing about has yet to reach our paycheck, and many millennials have giant student loans, along with other financial drains like rent, utilities, and cell phone bills. So drinking at home is likely also more popular because it’s cheaper. Also, less crowded. Also, you can wear comfy clothes. Also, you can binge-watch. Wait… why we were going out again?

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.


I sympathize, but not because it’s “too much effort” for me.

I don’t go to bars/pubs because for the most part they’re way too fucking LOUD. Nearly all of them have succumbed to the infestation of douchebags who think an iPad and a mixer/amp makes them DJs. If I want my eardrums ruptured by loud music, I’ll go to a concert. I shouldn’t have to make sure I have ear plugs just to have a pint of IPA.

seriously, I’ve never seen anyone actually dancing at any of these places, so what the fuck purpose do these idiot DJs serve other than make sure nobody in the place can have a fucking conversation.