Papa John’s founder John Schnatter reveals NDAs with 2 women

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Papa John’s founder John Schnatter has been fighting to wrest back control of his company since he resigned as chairman of the board several months ago. Now he’s testifying in court as part of a Papa John’s-related lawsuit, according to Ad Age, as he tries to get access to some company documents. Within the proceedings, he was asked whether he had had “some settlements with some women.” Schnatter stated that he “has confidentiality agreements with at least two women” but didn’t specify what those pacts entail.


Although Schnatter did not elaborate on these non-disclosure agreements, Ad Age states that he testified that he had an NDA with a woman that he said he couldn’t comment about. According to Ad Age, the woman sued Schnatter and Papa John’s in 1999, “alleging that he’d sexually harassed her for months, repeatedly visited her house and kissed and groped her, according to court filings.” Schnatter denied her allegations.

Garland Kelley, one of Schnatter’s lawyers, said that the other NDA involves allegations about a woman misappropriating money from Papa John’s, and declined to elaborate further.

Ad Age also notes that NDAs are often used “by powerful men in business” to “buy the silence of victims of sexual harassment.”

Schnatter remains in court, even as the company he founded but is no longer in control of, Papa John’s, continually tries to distance itself from him. While Schnatter is in court to try to access documents, the company said in a statement regarding the paperwork: “There is nothing he’s entitled to that he hasn’t already received.” And the battle between the Papas John continues.

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There was an law firm (morgan and morgan) advertising locally that they had over 1 billion in settlements/judgements last year. They listed some of the cases in the ad, and one was against Papa John’s. I forgot what the judgement was for, but i am now wondering if one of these NDAs was related.
Also, thanks for not using the picture Deadspin uses for anything Papa John related. (Just good to have some variety, and helped distinguish this story as not being on Deadspin. I actually clicked on the story as i was wondering, “wait, this is Papa John, but they have a different picture...what’s going on?)
; )
Anyway, hope you have an excellent day Gwen, and a fantastic week as well.