Papa John’s trying to stop Papa John from taking over Papa John’s

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After Forbes reported he used a racial slur during a marketing conference call, Papa John’s founder John Schnatter gave a straightforward apology and stepped down as chair of the company’s board. What a positive move, you may have thought to yourself. What a refreshing, non-“I’m sorry if anyone was offended” statement. Looks like this guy is just going to slink off quietly into the sunset. Well, you would have been wrong.


As CNN Money reports today, Schnatter subsequently “sent a letter to the pizza chain’s board, accusing it of not “doing any investigation” when he was forced out of his chairmanship. He said its decision to remove him was based on ‘rumor and innuendo.’” [Even though he straight up admitted the statement.] He also found time to accuse the company who set up the now-infamous phone call of extorting him. Meanwhile, “Schnatter’s attorney told the board that any attempt to remove Schnatter from the board without a ‘proper vote of the shareholders will be null and void.’”

To fight back against a possible takeover by Schnatter, who, with his associates, still owns 30 percent of the company, Papa John’s board is instituting the unusual “poison pill provision.” Basically: If the company senses a takeover, it can sell stock to its shareholders at a reduced rate to help keep those shareholders in charge: “If Schnatter and his associates increase their stake to 31 percent, or if anyone else acquires 15 percent of Papa John’s (PZZA) common stock in a deal not approved by the board, stockholders would then be allowed to buy shares at a discount, diluting the control of Schnatter or anyone else trying to build up a stake.”

After the “poison pill” announcement, Papa John’s stock fell 8 percent. So it appears that so far there are no winners in this scenario.



I work for papa johns and i will say that we by far have the best pizza on the market . I do enjoy my job and everyone that i work with . However Johns use of the N word just showed his true ignorance because there are a lot of GM's that are black and are very very great employees an definitively an asset to the company . So for John to use the N word or make a statement using that word is totally unacceptable because without these GM's that i am speaking of his company would not be shit . I wish every one of the black employees that works for the company would have walked out and filed a class action lawsuit to show his ignorant drunk ass . And anyone that works for papa johns that reads this and is a black male or female i have much respect for yall for not losing your cool over that racist bastard .