McDonald’s is auctioning off an 18k gold Shamrock Shake cup on eBay

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When we heard that McDonald’s was releasing a new Oreo Shamrock McFlurry this year in addition to bringing back its classic St. Patrick’s Day dessert, we figured that would be the extent of the celebration surrounding the Shamrock Shake’s 50th anniversary. But the fast food chain isn’t taking any chances by letting any other food news steal the spotlight during its very special month. And because of this, we are now being treated to the sight of an online auction we probably can’t participate in.


McDonald’s is selling a Golden Shamrock Shake cup on eBay made of 18 karat gold, encrusted with hundreds of emeralds, white diamonds, and yellow diamonds, in honor of the shake’s “golden” anniversary. Proceeds will benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charities, which support children and families coping with illness.

According to McDonald’s, this vessel is “designed to perfectly hold minty-green Shamrock Shake deliciousness,” which I guess means it’s 16 ounces and is leak-proof? I’m no metallurgist, but I’m guessing this thing isn’t dishwasher safe. The cup is appraised at $90,000, and the latest bid is over $30,000, but who knows how high the bids could go before the auction ends on March 6. A good cup is hard to find.

Marnie Shure is editor in chief of The Takeout.


Shamrock shakes use to be my yearly trip to McDonalds... each year their food got worse and worse. The McCafe shakes are abysmal. I dunno if it’s just the McDonald’s in my area or the entire chain, but it has really become the bottom of the barrel. Anyway I can’t even stand to go any more after the last time. The dude literally handed me a white shake, and I asked “is this a shamrock shake?”, he said “yes”, and I replied “isn’t it supposed to be green” to which he pointed to a tiny strip of faintly green area, and said that’s green. I should have pulled a Karen right then and there, but I just went home w/ my sad shake and pathetic Big mac meal.