Paid internship with Mars Wrigley includes year’s worth of candy

Photo: Mars Wrigley Confectionary

Say, are you in the market for a paid internship? A nice 8-12 week program through which you can get a glimpse into the wide, wonderful world of confectioneering? Mars Wrigley has just such a position open, and it comes with a “signing bonus” of a year’s worth of candy.

We’re no stranger to flavor-related dream jobs around these parts— such as being a Chocolate tester, yogurt-flavor finder, chicken-nugget connoisseur, or gin taster—but this Chicago-based position comes with the double advantage of being a short-term commitment and supplying a long-term amount of candy. Should you throw your hat into the slightly sticky ring, know that your potential responsibilities include:

  • Lots and lots of sampling, of the “chocolate, gum, and fruity confections” Mars Wrigley ships around the world
  • Travel to various manufacturing sites “to understand how the world’s most beloved candy brands are made”
  • Personalizing your own gum (the snozzberries taste like snozzberries, just a suggestion)
  • Working with other interns to coordinate the global Mars Volunteer Program
  • Lots of social media and public relations duties

This is the second year the company has offered the World’s Sweetest Internship Program. The big difference this year is that the role includes working on the company’s #BetterMoments initiative, which seems to involve using brand activations “to make the city, and world, smile.”


If this seems like your bag and/or you want a year’s worth of candy real bad, you can apply here; the internship will run from late May through August.

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