Last Call: Would you break the bank on deluxe mail-order vittles?

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Earlier today, we reported that sweet prince Guy Fieri has produced a documentary about the state of restaurants during the pandemic. It’s called Restaurant Hustle 2020: All On the Line, and it will air publicly on the Food Network on December 27. Turns out that today is the opposite of a slow news day—actually, it’s what Fieri would call a money news day—because we’re about to hit you with more news direct from Flavortown. As reported by Food & Wine, you can now have Guy Fieri’s signature BBQ Trash Can Nachos delivered straight to your door. Trash can and all.


The ‘chos serve four to six people and cost $69 (NOICE!), and you can upgrade to BBQ pulled pork or BBQ beef brisket for $79. The promotion comes courtesy of Goldbelly, a nationwide service that ships all kinds of novelty food products—stuff like Junior’s cheesecake or an entire pork shank dinner kit from Chicago chef Stephanie Izard. All of Goldbelly’s wares cost a pretty penny, but there’s something fancy and tempting about ordering a big ol’ box of food that you’d ordinarily have to travel to try. So, readers, I ask you: what’s your dream mail-order food? Would you shell out $69 (NOICE!!!!!) for a trash can full of nachos? Would you dish out a week’s rent on a bunch of bagels shipped directly from Brooklyn? Let’s discuss.

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

From everything I have seen, Fieri is a better TV personality and a much better person than he is a cook.