Last Call: The story of the term “420,” from the dudes who say they invented it

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How “420” was born

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When and how did 420 become code for marijuana? It seems like one of the terms that has dozens of dubious origin stories, but these five men have fairly compelling evidence that they invented the term as lackadaisical California teens in the 1970s. [Kate Bernot]

SNL’s Drag Brunch skit

Comedian John Mulaney made a straight-up triumphant return to Saturday Night Live this weekend, with a ton of great sketches. Some were even left over from when he worked there as a writer for five years, like the lobster diner sendup of Les Mis. But my favorite was “Drag Brunch” (I am a sucker even for a fictional bottomless mimosas). A group of friends go out to get sassed by a drag queen waitress at brunch. While most of the brunch attendees just get some fun shade for stuff like trying to pull off a smokey eye, Mulaney’s drag waitress delivers much darker barbs to Alex Moffat’s Gary, like: “When was the last time someone smiled when you walked into the room?” Turns out, there’s a reason for this brunch persecution, and in all fairness, Gary does seem like a bit of a jerk. But I swear I’m going to be achingly conscious of people’s reactions when I walk into a room from now on. [Gwen Ihnat]


Actually, this is the coolest flight safety video

So last week I mentioned how neat I thought American Airlines’ flight safety video was. Many thanks to Takeout reader cesariojpn for bringing attention to Air New Zealand’s video, which features a number of famous cameos. Okay, this is the one to beat. [Kevin Pang]


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