Last Call: Joey Chestnut aims to eat more than a pound of Wisconsin cheese curds per minute

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Joey Chestnut takes on cheese curds

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Fresh off a resounding victory (and a new record) at this summer’s Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, competitive eating champ/human black hole Joey Chestnut has his eyes set on a new challenge: cheese curds. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports he’ll arrive Saturday at the Wisconsin State Fair for a 6-minute curd-eating contest. Having practiced with cut-up mozzarella cheese, Chestnut estimates he’ll eat roughly a pound of curds per minute. “If I could do eight pounds, I’d be happy,” he told the paper. “Ten pounds would be really tough.” It is Wisconsin, though—he might have some real competition. [Kate Bernot]

Watermelon Ham Steak

I just can’t get over this: Food Insider and other outlets are posting this video of a smoked watermelon steak over at Duck’s Eatery in Manhattan. They smoke a watermelon for eight hours, brine it in a mixture of salt and ash for four days, smoke it for another eight hours, and then roast it in a pan of its own juices. The resulting tableside-served watermelon looks exactly like a giant ham steak and looks as delicious as it is unnerving. Would love to try this, even with the $75 price tag. [Gwen Ihnat]

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