Last Call: Are you in or out on Christmas-caroling pizza?

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Photo: Nicholas77 (iStock)

In a world of flashy holiday crusts and sustainable toppings, the Canadian pizza chain Boston Pizza has found a different way to stay relevant, and that’s through productizing. For Boston Pizza, it’s not just about the pizza, it’s about the whole package—that is, the literal packaging. This season, it’s rolling out a delivery pizza box that sings a Christmas carol when you open it.

Calling this a Christmas carol is generous, because like so, so, so many commercial ad spots before it, what the box actually sings is “Carol of the Bells” with modified, pizza-centric lyrics, rather horrifically forcing stress on the second syllable of “pizza” in its effort to fit the tune. Still, we have to commend Boston Pizza for finding a way to heighten the already exciting moment when you get to crack open your freshly delivered pie.

Ol’ Boston Pizza has been innovating in the box space for a while now, and The Takeout has closely tracked their pizza-in-bed contraptions as well as their tiny pizza chairs. We’ve asked important questions like, “But what does the pizza taste like?” and “Does it matter what the pizza tastes like when it’s designed to be eaten in your bed?” Maybe the next question we’ll be asking is, “How quickly is everyone getting sick of hearing ‘Carol of the Bells’ product jingles?”