Grease is the word: KFC’s chicken and doughnuts are now available nationwide

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KFC is finally bringing its eagerly anticipated chicken and doughnut monstrosity nationwide in an attempt to kill us all. I, for one, hope that my eventual demise somehow involves fried chicken and hot, fresh glazed doughnuts, which sounds a like a much better way to go than having a baby grand piano “accidentally” dropped on me. Unfortunately, this unholy pairing—which drops February 24—is a limited-time offering, and I’m not quite ready to go just yet. If the good folks at KFC would consider bringing this back in 50 years or so, I’d very much appreciate it.

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Zaphod's Heart of Gold

A few years ago I attended my local state fair that I conveniently lived only a few miles from. Every year there is news coverage for weeks about the next fried monstrosity to be offered for the year, but I went in with only one purpose, and that was to eat a cheeseburger on a donut.

I scoped out the main drag of all food vendors and, after a lengthy search, found the one I was looking for. I ordered up my cheeseburger and to my surprise it came sandwiched between not a single donut cut in half but 2 whole glazed donuts. What a fantastic surprise!

At least I thought that at the time. The reality is not so good. Putting a hot piece of meat between 2 sugar-covered fried dough rings tends to melt the glaze and each bite tries its hardest to separate “bun” from filling. Over the years I’ve eaten a number of messy burgers but this was the worst. Trying to keep it together was nigh on impossible.

That day I learned from my mistake and have never sought another donut-based sandwich.  The novelty is fun but the realities are sobering.  Covering a normal sandwich in sugar would ruin it, and this is not different except harder to eat