KFC cancels potato wedges

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Friends, in the endless circle of life, the only constant is change, and it is my sad duty to inform you that KFC has decided to stop selling its signature potato wedges forever and switch to French fries. Sorry, Secret Recipe Fries, seasoned with the Colonel’s 11 herbs and spices.


There were rumblings of this momentous change late last summer when KFC began testing the fries in various locations around the country, but at that time it was still unclear whether the fat fried potatoes and the skinny fried potatoes would be allowed to exist together on KFC’s menu. A final answer came on Monday when the chain confirmed to Business Insider that in the final battle, the wedges had lost.

“While we know there are wedge-lovers out there who may be disappointed, consumer response to our Secret Recipe Fries during the test and the rollout has been overwhelmingly positive,” a representative for KFC told Business Insider.

Strangely, KFC continues to hawk the wedges on its website. “ONE WEDGE IS WORTH A DOZEN FRIES,” it boasts. “These crispy potatoes are seasoned with a special blend of herbs and spices so good they’ll drive a wedge between you and the common french fry forever.”

Farewell, potato wedge. We shall never forget you, at least until KFC rolls out its new chicken sandwich (currently being tested in Orlando until June 21).

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The whole damn trick to the potato wedges at KFC was finding the ONE store that knew how to prepare them properly. Where the outside was crisp and the inside was just that perfect level of softness. Where the seasoning was evenly distributed instead of random hunks of “flavoring.”

I had found that one store that nailed them. Where they were almost always freshly made. I would go in there and pay the extra for the potato wedges on the side at lunch. Hell, they were so good, they even reheated. Do you have any idea how rare that is?! (Of course you do.)

Guess I’ll have to go back to wafer fries with cheese at Mr. Hero.