KFC announces a new gaming console that’s definitely real

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Screenshot: KFC

In late 2018, KFC launched its official gaming arm, KFC Gaming, to let Gen Z know that if they’re looking for a fried chicken to welcome into their hearts, KFC chicken is the most “lit.” In late 2019, KFC Gaming forced us to think about Colonel Sanders in a whole new way with I Love You, Colonel Sanders! Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator. What will late 2020 bring us? How about a whole damned KFC Gaming console? Just look how dramatic it is!


This promotion is, of course, a fun zeitgeist-y way to piggyback off of last week’s much anticipated reveal of Sony’s new PS5, which my children have already told me they shall be receiving for Christmas. There’s no official word on whether the console is real, but as I type this, my children are sitting right next to me talking about how they will also be requiring a KFConsole for Christmas, because it “looks cool” and “has a chicken chamber with cross platform capabilities.” What they intend to put into this chicken chamber, and what platforms said chicken chamber will be compatible with, I don’t know. Will it create a fire hazard? Probably. Will my house smell better than the KFC firelog as it burns down to a pit of smoldering ash? We’ll have to wait until November 12 to find out.

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I’d say you could sidestep the process and get your kids into the Glorious PC Gaming Master Race, but I am also one of those horrible PC-gaming elitists who would cringe at any rig that was built for less than $1500, so probably best to spend a lot less than that and keep the kiddos as console plebs until they can earn their own money.