It’s Gamer Week at The Takeout

Screenshot from Rustic Bakery in Animal Crossing
Screenshot: YouTube, Graphic: Karl Gustafson

Ever since the inception of Pong in 1972, video games have spent each successive decade entering more of our homes than ever before. This means that we are are all gamers to some extent, and hey, we’ve all got to eat. At The Takeout, we have often featured weeklong odes to different types of food (cheese, chocolate chip cookies, and Jell-O, to name a few), but with Gamer Week, we wanted to try something a little different. This week will celebrate all that occupies the bustling intersection of gaming and eating, two animating forces in our lives.


We want to use this as an opportunity to expand upon the rather narrow definition of “gamer food,” a phrase that might bring to mind images of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and liter bottles of Mountain Dew and... not much else. Additionally, there are so many games out there (ranging from enriching to terrible) whose entire objective is to create the perfect virtual meal, and we want to give credit to all those efforts to render delicious-looking food in pixel form. But mostly, we aim to speak to the interests of our readers, whether they’re seasoned esports fans or players who never got past the first underwater level in Super Mario Bros. So, please enjoy Gamer Week. We hope you reach 100% completion on this week’s stories.


I’ll never understand how Cheetos somehow became associated with gaming. Cheetos are one of the worst gaming snacks. The last thing you want to do is get your fingers covered in radioactive orange 45 Cheeto dust and then grab a video game control.

In my mind the whole concept of “gamer food” is really just silly. Eating and gaming are two activities that really don’t combine well. In most cases gaming just requires too much of your attention (and hands) to combine well with eating.