Photo: Daniel Kaesler / EyeEm
Photo: Daniel Kaesler / EyeEm

On the heels of pitless avocados and tearless onions comes the latest breakthrough in produce: The ediple-peel banana. The Today show reported that the Mongee banana was created at the Japanese agricultural research company D&T Farm “through a very precise growing and harvesting process that involves careful temperature monitoring.” The process encourages the banana to grow in four months as opposed to a few years, leading to a much thinner peel that’s easy to bite into. D&T Farm spokesman Tetsuya Tanaka tells The New York Post that the Frankenfruit has a peel with a texture like “lettuce.”


The new form of banana will take a while to catch on. Right now D&T only supplies 10 a week to a single supermarket in Japan. Today points out, “Since they’re so rare, of course they’re not cheap: one banana retails for about $5.75,” and any possible shipments to the U.S. are still in the planning stages. So pratfall fans won’t have to worry about finding a slippery substitute just yet.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.

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