Here’s a map of Black-owned breweries and wineries

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If you would like to support a Black-owned business and would also really, really like a beer, Brandon Montgomery, known on the internet as Black Beer Traveler, has got a map for you.


The Google map, called Diversify Your Palate, contains not only more than 60 Black-owned breweries, it also has listings for 22 wineries and half a dozen manufacturers of spirits, plus lifestyle brands, influencers, YouTube channels and podcasts, and 40 more breweries and taprooms owned by non-Black people of color. Most of the listings are in the U.S., but there are a few in Europe and South and Central America as well.

So take a look. Maybe there’s one near you. Depending on the regulations of where you live, get a drink on the patio or take a six-pack to go.

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Lord of the Ducks

His map is woefully incomplete. Here is a better list of black-owned wineries.

I noticed because I have friends whose wineries weren’t on Brandon’s list/map.

More links to black-owned food and beverage companies.