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Group urges repeal of Trump hotel liquor license for lack of “good character”

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Photo: Loop Images/Alan Novelli (Mirage/Getty Images)

The liquor license qualification in Washington, D.C., is rather nebulous; the beverage board requires “that only people of ‘good character’ qualify for the right to sell alcohol in Washington.” This qualifier has led a group of religious people and judges to protest the liquor license awarded to Donald Trump’s Trump Hotel in D.C., citing a long list of “bad character citations,” listed in Bloomberg: “Trump’s offenses, according to the complaint, include associating with people convicted of major crimes; accusations of sexual assault; lying; and a general lack of integrity” as well as “many outright racist comments,” adds the BBC.


Granted, this attempt is a longshot. From the BBC: “Former judges Joan Goldfrank and Henry Kennedy Jr. are among the signatories to the complaint, as are rabbis Jack Moline and Aaron Potek, and pastors Timothy Tee Boddie, Jennifer Butler and William Lamar IV.” Beverage board spokesman Max Bluestein told Bloomberg that “the board’s enforcement division was reviewing the complaint.” Still, we peg the chances of this coming to fruition as slim. Not that it’d bother Trump personally, who’d rather drown himself in Diet Cokes.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.

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Regardless of what anyone’s view on Trump’s character is, do these people have nothing better to do? The claim of bad character would really only make sense if Trump himself was behind the counter...