Girl Scout cookies, essential resource, now available online

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Photo: Katherine Frey/The Washington Post (Getty Images)

COVID-19 has interrupted nearly every aspect of American life. Our theaters, our restaurants, our ability to gather and form community have all been halted. But it’s also impacted perhaps the most precious American tradition of all: sending beret-clad tweens door-to-door to harangue strangers into buying boxes of cookies. To mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, the Girl Scouts of the USA have transitioned their annual national cookie sale to online-only. You can fill out your online order right here.

If you’ve managed to ignore that “BUY COOKIES HERE” link and keep reading, hello and thank you. Anyway, Girl Scout cookies are for sale online, available until supplies last for each troop. (I couldn’t find the new-to-2020 Lemon-Ups, lemon cookies with empowering messages stamped into them, from a nearby California troop. But I sure can have them shipped to me from Utah.) Troops end their sales on different dates throughout April and May. So pop your ZIP code into the Girl Scouts site to find your nearest troop. You can also, as the Girl Scouts suggested in their tweet on the topic, donate boxes to first responders and frontline workers.


While every other aspect of your life is weird and up in the air and sort of missing right now, don’t let your annual Girl Scout order be one of them. Don’t let COVID-19 overpower the American tradition that comedian John Mulaney once said was “like if you could only buy Coca-Cola in July, and you could only buy it from the Knights of Columbus.” And let’s hope that once this is all over, we can go back to buying cookies from the elementary schoolers harassing us outside the grocery store. Or, like the particularly shrewd little entrepreneurs I’ve seen, outside the weed dispensary.