Still a gin thing: Florida bar breaks Snoop Dogg’s record for world’s largest gin and juice

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In May, noted juniper enthusiast and Martha Stewart collaborator Snoop Dogg added another line item to his crowded resumé: He set the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest gin and juice. And now, in what is equal parts savvy publicity stunt, anniversary celebration, and sign of blatant disrespect, a Florida bar has broken that record.


Here’s what crackalackened: Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply, an award-winning bar in Miami, chose to celebrate their third birthday by playing ’90s hip hop (tribute, sick burn, or both?) and making a big-ass cocktail. Forbes reports that Sweet Liberty’s cocktail clocked in at 580 liters, three liters more than Snoop’s.

To make that majestic thing happen, the bar poured “320 liters of Waterloo No. 9 gin, 160 liters of fruit brandy, [and] 120 liters of orange and grapefruit juices into a cocktail glass that was a converted dunk tank.” They also used 50-pound ice cubs, floating pineapple and orange slices, and a real-life umbrella. As bar manager Nick Nistico put it to Forbes, “It was enough gin and juice to fill a six to eight person Jacuzzi.”

It’s hard to imagine that Snoop would take this particular stunt personally, though: It was the brainchild of John Lermayer, the bar’s late owner, who passed away unexpectedly in June.

“He said ‘Let’s go after Snoop Doog and beat the record,’” Nistico says. “It was just a simple comment, but then we talked about it more and more.” ... Nistico and his staff, who were awarded America’s best bar team early this year by Tales of the Cocktail, decided to definitely go after Snoop Dogg’s record after Lermayer died of a brain aneurysm in June.

The record won’t be official until the bar’s process is reviewed—there are lots of requirements to set a Guinness record—but the team for sure checked one of the most important boxes. Guinness requires that such creations need to be “made for consumption,” so all who attended the event got to sample it. As a result, the cocktail was sipped by hundreds.


All proceeds of the event will, per Nistoco, benefit Lermayer’s son.

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