American heroes brew a Dunkaroos-flavored beer

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Photo: Jack Andersen (Getty Images), Screenshot: YouTube (Getty Images)

Good news: a Dunkaroos-flavored beer exists! Bad news: it’s already sold out. Why are we telling you any of this? Because there is more Dunkaroos-flavored beer on the horizon, but it will only be available in Texas. With no re-release date yet specified, those of you who have spent your whole lives praying for an opportunity like this should stash a go bag under the bed so you can immediately set off for the Lone Star State when Fort Worth–based Martin House Brewing Company has finished brewing a second batch of the cleverly named Dunkabroos.

The 8% ABV beer is brewed with cookies, vanilla cream, lactose, and, of course, sprinkles. Four-packs went on sale on August 15, with a strict limit of four per person, and sold out within hours. The company—known for uniquely flavored beers inspired by things like candy, pickles, and sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads—said in an Instagram post that hype around the product was not expected to be quite as crazy as it was, and promised all those who missed the boat that there would most definitely be a next time. In the meantime, Martin House still has some packs of beer that tastes like Thin Mints, which ought to scratch everyone’s cookie-infused-beer itch until Dunkabroos makes its triumphant return.