Burger King is not selling tuna salad sandwiches, so everyone just calm down

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Burger King sign at intersection
Photo: Michael Thomas (Getty Images)

Ah, the mighty tuna. The chicken of the sea. The other-other-other white meat. And, according to recent internet lore, the newest item on Burger King’s menu. Well, Burger King in Nassau, Bahamas, that is. But we’re here to burst your fishy bubble: Burger King hasn’t served tuna in years, and it doesn’t appear to be swimming back to BK locations—Bahamian or otherwise.


The maritime myth appears to have set sail via Lansing, Michigan radio station WITL. A week ago, the station linked back to a Burger King Nassau Facebook post. The post explains that BK tuna salad is available with a potato bun, on a buttery croissant, or as part of a “tasty breakfast platter.” The news infuriated social media users, who called ordering the menu item “a felony.”


The tricky part: no one—not even me, at first—caught onto the fact that the BK Nassau post was four entire years old. We reached out to several Burger King PR reps to see if tuna is still on any BK menus, but never heard back. From the looks of the BK Bahamas website, tuna is firmly off the menu, and it likely has been for some time.

I have to admit, I was a little disappointed. Me, I’m down for fast fish. Like, famously down. I mean, I’ve eaten tons of chicken salad on croissants. Why not tuna on a Croissan’wich? I also want to point out that tuna and grits is a classic Bahamian breakfast, which I’ve never tried but very much like the sound of. While you can consider this fast food myth busted, you can always scoop some Starkist onto your WHOPPER Jr. I won’t tell.