Man of the people Darius Rucker paid for everyone’s meal at his local IHOP

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darius rucker
Darius Rucker speaks onstage during the The 54th Annual CMA Awards
Photo: Terry Wyatt / Stringer (Getty Images)

I don’t know about you, but I remember when Hootie and the Blowfish were everywhere in the mid 1990's, and Darius Rucker’s voice was on the radio nearly every 10 minutes. What a star. Since then he’s been able to turn that success into a crazy successful country music career. So successful, in fact, that he was able to afford to pay for everyone’s meal at an IHOP in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, last Sunday. Thanks to Delish for the scoop.

“It caused a lot of excitement,” said Stephen Vitale, the restaurant’s general manager. “We know him because he does come in quite often and we consider him a regular.”


On Sunday, Rucker quietly approached Vitale and asked if he could pay for the meal of everyone in the restaurant. Vitale tallied up the bill and Rucker paid it, leaving a generous tip for the servers too. He managed to get away without being recognized by most, since he was masked up, good citizen that he is.I guess Hootie loves his brunch. No word on the Blowfish, though.

Will I ever be cool enough to do that? Time will only tell, but it looks like I am actually going in the opposite direction. God, I haven’t even been to an IHOP in years now. The last news I remember was the time IHOP rebranded into IHOB, causing about a five minute ruckus on the Internet along with a bunch of mocking. Maybe, if I do ever go back, I should visit the one in Mount Pleasant and sing a Darius Rucker tune while I’m eating.