Cravey Boats have dropped anchor at White Castle

White Castle eggs benedict beside an orange-and-blue gravy boat
Look at that sheer elegance.
Photo: White Castle

I’ve never eaten enough gravy to warrant the purchase of a gravy boat, but all that changes today: White Castle has released a new limited-edition Cravey Boat, and I’ll buy just about anything White Castle tells me to. The Castle catered my wedding, helped get me nominated for a James Beard Award, and has guided me through some of my most trying times. Those steamy, sumptuous sliders have changed my life for the better, so just imagine what owning a Cravey Boat could do for me. Why, if I add a boat or two of White Castle Gravy to my daily diet, perhaps I could become President of the United States! Such is the power of The Crave.


The Cravey Boat was first introduced to the world last Thanksgiving, but so few were manufactured that by the time most of us found out them, they were long gone. As we all pined away for four long, torturous months, the fine china scientists at White Castle were hard at work designing an even better 100th birthday edition Cravey Boat with sleek modern design, a vivid orange-and-blue color palette, and quasi-sexual curves and contours that will drive you mad with gravy-lust. It’s versatile, too! Once you’ve met your recommended daily gravy allowance, you can fill your Cravey Boat with soup, fondue, meal-replacement shakes... if you can dream it, you can chug it.

Now, how much would expect to pay for this sort of luxury? Two, maybe three hundred dollars? Well, hold onto your sailor hats, because you can set sail on this Cravey Boat for $25 (plus tax and shipping). Even when White Castle gets classy, it’s still a bargain. This is an egalitarian gravy boat to be enjoyed by one and all.

If you need some inspiration on how to use your Cravey Boat, White Castle has added three exciting new dishes to its rather remarkable recipe collection: a Brunch Craver’s Benedict (pictured above); kid-friendly and cute-as-a-button Bunny Sliders made with sliced apple ears and a boop-able banana-cheddar nose; and a White Castle Slider Bloody Mary, which features celery stalks and five skewers stacked with Sliders, sausage links, bacon strips, mini-waffles, cheese cubes, cherry tomatoes, and a hard-boiled egg. Bet that would taste even better with a whole bunch of gravy poured on top.

Allison Robicelli is a writer, recipe czar, former professional chef, author of four (quite good) books, and The People's Hot Pocket Princess. Tweet me for recipe help: @Robicellis.


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Past the old Imperial Terrace, now a pharmacy, where your aunt got married in an explosion of guido finery, big hair and rhinestones and all.”

Solid gold imagery. She sounds like fun. Maybe exhausting after a few days, but fun nonetheless.