Cracker Barrel simplifies its menu by adding more stuff

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Cracker Barrel has announced that it’s rolling out a new “simplified” menu, and upon hearing the news, I immediately started freaking out. Restaurants have been cutting menu items left and right in response to the chaotic upending of literally every aspect of society, and I’m still trying to emotionally process the fact that Taco Bell is killing the 7-Layer Burrito. In a panic, I pulled up the Cracker Barrel menu we all know and love and cross-checked it with the new “simplified” one, and... everything is mostly the same. Finally, some good news!

Cracker Barrel has also announced that it’s adding a few new menu items that look pretty tasty. Maybe I can convince them to also add a 7-Layer Burrito? I did not have “start a war between Cracker Barrel and Taco Bell” on my New Year’s resolution list for 2020, but this whole year has gotten out of hand in pretty spectacular fashion, so why the hell not. Some offenses are too egregious to overlook, particularly ones that involve hot melted cheese and “fiesta” seasoning.

Anyway, Cracker Barrel is adding “Maple Bacon Grilled Chicken, Country Fried Pork Chops, Pot Roast Supper and Barrel-Cut Sugar Ham” to its menu. All very exciting stuff. It’s time to get amped for ham, people!

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It seems the “simplification” Cracker Barrel speaks of is not really an axing of any beloved dishes; it’s mostly a reorganization of its menu into three new categories: Home Cooked Classics, Down Home Daily Dinners Under $10 (which rotate daily), and Cracker Barrel Favorites. Another exciting development: the popular Cracker Barrel Sampler now includes much bigger portions of ham, meatloaf, and CB’s famous Chicken n’ Dumplins. And now, since we all have to eat our fancy restaurant food at home these days, if you need to take a nap halfway through your sampler platter, you can. Maybe Cracker Barrel was always destined to be a takeout restaurant?