Costco phasing out Polish dog from some locations because 2018 doesn’t suck enough

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In a continued effort that will strike terror in the hearts of people who love $1.50 hot dogs and ginormous pieces of pizza, Costco is still tweaking its beloved food court menu toward a healthier lineup. Say it ain’t so. First the big-box chain released an al pastor salad made of soy and offered a new acai berry ice cream flavor instead of chocolate at some locations (as The Takeout’s Kate Bernot horrifyingly learned). Now, The Seattle Times announces a so-far regional yet still potentially perilous switch: “The Polish hot dog is going off the menu at many Costco stores around the Seattle area and beyond.” What’s worse, it appears that it will be replaced by the acai fruit bowl. What, did Costco get some great deal on acai seeds somewhere?

The change is meant to indicate Costco’s new emphasis on a healthier menu. The Times tried to get some answers from Costco directly, and shared the following intel: “The guy who answered the phone at the food court in the Staten Island, N.Y., warehouse store said the Italian sausage sandwich with onions wasn’t going anywhere soon. A friendly voice on the line from Pewaukee, Wisc., shared a rumor of an incoming organic cheeseburger, which might necessitate kicking something else off the menu.” The $1.50 hot dog deal, now in its 33rd year, still seems like a safe bet for now. But Costco fans, as they are wont to do, took to the streets (Twitter) to protest this new healthier food court trend:


Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.

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Companies that sell prepared food seem to think they have to protect me from myself. I’m well aware that a hot dog isn’t the best choice for lunch or a snack. I am however old enough to make my own choices and intelligent enough to understand the consequences; besides, they’re great and I want one.

1 hot dog ~ 150 calories

1 hot dog bun ~ 160 calories

Various condiments ~ 50 calories

360 calories total = About 30 minutes of jogging or walking 3.5 miles.