What’s the real reason Costco employees check receipts at the exit?

Given the high-ticket items a person can buy at Costco—$3,000 TVs, laptops, engagement rings—I always assumed the receipt-checkers stationed near the exits were tasked mainly with preventing theft. But at my local Costco, these employees give my cart a cursory glance, at best. There’s no checking under boxes or…

Costco selling 4-foot wine glass that's absolutely 100 percent just decorative, mmm-hmm

Here are the facts: VinePair has alerted us to the existence of Costco’s 46-inch wine glass, which is appropriately named “46" Wine Glass.” It costs $99.99, is “handmade and mouth blown in Poland,” and while not currently available on Costco’s website, has been frequently spotted in the wild.

Woman hides life savings in freezer, returns freezer to store without removing it

A Colorado woman with multiple sclerosis says she’s out $35,000—her life savings—after she returned the fridge in which she’d hid the money. Now, she’s sought the help of a Denver news station in tracking down her lost cash. You have questions; we have questions; let’s go through these questions.

Costco phasing out Polish dog from some locations because 2018 doesn’t suck enough

In a continued effort that will strike terror in the hearts of people who love $1.50 hot dogs and ginormous pieces of pizza, Costco is still tweaking its beloved food court menu toward a healthier lineup. Say it ain’t so. First the big-box chain released an al pastor salad made of soy and offered a new acai berry ice…

Costco to serve us $1.50 hot dogs even faster with self-serve food court kiosks

As has already been reported, we love Costco—especially the food court, where even the snack food (pizza slices! hot dogs!) appear to be giant size. Trouble is, other savvy Costco shoppers agree with us on the splendor of the box store’s fast food, making for frequent long lines and heavy wait times. What’s a lover of…