Cheerios in tea: What next? (No seriously, what next)

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We are apparently living in the golden age of people putting liquids that aren’t milk in their cereal. There is, of course, the derided water-on-cereal combo:


There’s the whole orange juice thing. There’s Kylie Jenner, who recently tried cereal with milk for the first time. And now, thanks to Jackie Aina, we’ve got a new one: cereal with tea.

To be more specific, it’s Cheerios with tea, a preference shared by Twitter user @Jamila_ax in response to a question posed by Aina:

And folks, we must admit that there’s something about that combo that sounds kind of tasty. So, consider this a call for submissions. Next week, we’re going to try Cheerios with tea, and we figure if we’re doing that, we might as well try some other cereals-with-liquids combos. Take to the comments, please, and make your suggestions. We can’t promise we’ll try everything, especially if it seems like you’re just trying to make us ralph up those wholesome Os, but all ideas are welcome.

Tell us: What liquid should we pour over our Cheerios? What other non-mik liquids would be tasty with other cereals? Do your best (or worst) below.



Cereal adjacent, a hot Scotchy is the single best thing about being a homebrewer.

After you mash your grains, take a little of the warm, malty wort, and add a splash of Scotch. It’s up there as one of the most delicious drinks I’ve ever tasted. I bet you could do a small scale version with hot water and malt extract.

As for real cereal liquid combos, I am thinking maybe shredded wheat in coffee.  I drink Postum once in a while, so maybe that’s why it sounds good to me.