Boris Johnson looks good in butter

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Photo: Jeff J Mitchell (Getty)

We here at The Takeout have covered great feats in butter sculpting before. We’ve done a deep dive into its history. And today we get to cover what will likely be considered the benchmark of all butter sculptures to come: Boris Johnson’s big fat British head.


According to a press release, Butter Boris was commissioned by publisher Penguin Random House to promote the release of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! 2020 Annual, which features a chapter on butter sculpting with photos of life-sized butter celebrities. Renowned butter sculptor Prudence Staite was recruited to transform 15 kilos of British butter into a bust of the U.K.’s leader.

It’s uncertain where the sculpture will end up after the public viewing, though allowing it to remain in the hot sun to slowly melt feels like it could be an appropriate metaphor for something. Maybe Banksy can get into butter sculpting. We can only dream.

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I’m not all in on British politics but it seems that the the people voted for Brexit and then parliament and May stalled it forever. This guy came in and there are agreements being made. Why the hate for the guy getting done what the people voted for?