Arby’s offers $6 trips to Hawaii that only last 24 hours

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Photo: Rick Diamond (Getty Images for Arby’s), Tomas del Amo (Perspectives / Getty Images Plus)

We’re on the fence about this deal from Arby’s we first read about in Hawaii News Now. Is it a sweet deal or a marketing trap? Like Rory Gilmore herself, let’s take it to the pro/con lists.


Pro: Arby’s will send the first people who sign up online on April 12 to Hawaii for $6.
Con: The entire trip will take place in just 24 hours.

Pro: It’s a trip to Hawaii for the price of a sandwich.
Con: It’s a really long flight, so wouldn’t you spend most of that one-day trip feeling jetlagged?

Pro: Hawaii has amazing food—Spam musubi, poke, mac salad, kalua pork!
Con: According to the deal, you would be spending your Hawaii day just eating Arby’s. The promo website states that “Arby’s $6 Hawaiian Getaway flies you to Honolulu to see the sights—all three Arby’s King’s Hawaiian sandwiches. No volcanoes. No pineapple farms. Just you, sweet buns, tender meats, and a Hawaiian paradise to eat them in.” Those sandwiches have titles like Arby’s Hawaiian Big Kahuna and the Sweet & Spicy Luau Chicken. We can live without a volcano or pineapple farm, but isn’t there even a pool? Possibly some sort of beach? What about poke bowls?

Con: If you’re chosen, you have to pack up quickly, traveling between April 26 and 28.
Pro: You would have an amazing cocktail party story for the rest of your life (“Did I ever tell you about the time I flew to Hawaii for a single day to eat sandwiches for Arby’s?”).

To be honest, that would probably be enough to get us to click that little registration link on April 12. We’re not proud.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.



It specifies that you’re only there for six hours. Since it takes about 5 hours to fly there from the nearest major airport and four hours to drive to that airport, I’ll pass.

If I was younger and hadn’t been to Hawaii, I’m sure I’d feel differently