Alert, alert! No more Potato Cakes at Arby’s!

Exterior of modern Arby's restaurant
Image: Arby’s

While most fast food outlets serve fries of some type, some chains have managed to diversify their potato offerings, clearly understanding that potatoes are one of nature’s most perfect foods. KFC, for example, endeared itself to customers with seasoned potato wedges that many considered heftier and superior to normal french fries (until the item was removed from KFC’s menu last year, that is). Of all the major fast food joints, though, it’s fair to say that no one plays the potato game better than Arby’s: in addition to its inimitable Curly Fries, Arby’s has a secondary longtime potato offering that customers adore: Potato Cakes, which are described on the menu this way: “Shredded potato fried to a crispy golden brown. It’s a cake of potato. Don’t over-complicate this.”


But as you might recall, Arby’s recently announced that its brand new Crinkle Fries would join classic Curly Fries as a permanent menu item. And maybe three delicious potato concoctions is simply too much for one chain to handle, because Arby’s has confirmed to The Takeout that it has discontinued Potato Cakes.

Hat-tip to an eagle-eyed Takeout reader who first alerted us to this menu change. (The manager at their location informed them the change would be in effect starting June 1.) Twitter users similarly expressed confusion surrounding this potato shake-up. An Arby’s spokesperson confirmed the change in an email to The Takeout, while offering a glimpse of hope for those who will miss the cakes:

Arby’s is constantly evaluating and evolving our menu offering. Our Curlies have long been a fan favorite, but after many months of R&D and extensive market testing, customers made it clear our all-new Crinkles were a hit and we had created a true companion on equal footing to its legendary predecessor. Now we have the two best fries in QSR – crinkles and curlies – and they go great together! Although our Potato Cakes have been discontinued (for now), who’s to say they’re gone forever?

The Potato Cakes are still listed on the Arby’s sides menu for now, and some customers are tweeting that they can still get Potato Cakes at certain locations. So devotees might want to call ahead to check whether the cakes are available and/or hustle over to the nearest Arby’s to grab them before they’re gone. But it also sounds like the cakes might make their triumphant return sometime in the future. Arby’s noted that customers can expect to see more new menu items roll out in the coming months. What are you hoping to see added to the lineup?

Marnie Shure is editor in chief of The Takeout.



I am old enough to remember when potato cakes were the only potato offering at Arby’s. They were (and still are, for me) a big part of my Arby’s order. Potato cakes, lovingly dunked in Horsey Sauce. Nothing could be a better accompaniment to mass-market roast beef sandwiches.

They dropped potato cakes (temporarily) when they introduced curly fries in the late ‘80s. The backlash was fierce, even pre-internet, and potato cakes came back. They did it again when they added “regular’ fries at some point in the ‘90s. The backlash was fierce, and potato cakes came back. The “regular” fries, in fact, ended up disappearing.

So now crinkle fries are the new push. And they’re going to once again abandon the one that brung them. I’m hoping this is also temporary, because Arby’s just isn’t Arby’s without potato cakes.