Last Call: Stop putting weird things on Pop-Tarts

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Pop-Tarts and cheese


Like Wendy’s and Little Debbie, Pop-Tarts appears to have an engaged social media person who enjoys interacting with the brand’s followers. Lately, the Twitter account @PopTartsUS has been receiving some unconventional serving suggestions after an Iowa college student suggested melting cheese on a Pop-Tart a few months ago.

Now the account receives shots like Pop-Tarts augmented with Old Bay seasoning and ranch dressing.


I recently took a road-trip vacation and, as is custom, allowed the kids Pop-Tarts on the road (I don’t let them in the house, otherwise I’ll eat them all). My go-to is the classic strawberry with the red and green sprinkles. I think I was in college before I realized that Pop-Tarts were actually supposed to go in the toaster. Even raw, they were delicious just on their own. So I know you guys are just having fun, but still—try to keep the Pop-Tarts away from American cheese and condiments. They’re too good to waste in this manner. [Gwen Ihnat]

Florence + The Machine’s High As Hope

Oh do I love me some Florence + The Machine. Florence Welch’s sound is haunted, haunting, dramatic, big. As Katie Rife points out for AV Club, the new album isn’t groundbreaking, sonically, but it’s a guaranteed win for fans like me who don’t need more innovation than Welch’s signature sound. “South London Forever” has been on repeat in my car, where I sing along. Loudly and poorly. [Kate Bernot]


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Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.

Kate Bernot is a freelance writer and a certified beer judge. She was previously managing editor at The Takeout.

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

I gave up Pop Tarts for years, then my mother said “Go ahead and try something you liked as a kid, you will find you don’t like it anymore.” I chose Pop Tarts to test her hypothesis. She was wrong.

There is no need to put anything on a Pop Tart. What are you, stupid?

I have always eaten them raw. They are fine that way. Toasted is OK, but not necessary.

All Pop Tarts must be frosted. Unfrosted Pop Tarts are a war crime.

The flavors based on ice cream, soda, and candy are unfortunate.

The very best flavor is chocolate-peanut butter. They went away for a few years but just recently came back. I call this “The Second Coming.” All the (frosted) fruit flavors are good. Brown sugar-cinnamon, Cookies and Cream, and S’mores are great. But nothing holds a candle to chocolate-peanut butter. As evidence, they only give you six of the CPB as opposed to eight of all the other inferior flavors.

Go ahead and disagree with me if you have a burning desire to be wrong.