Young hero buys all the cupcakes after grown-ass woman fat-shames her

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What happens when we’re wronged by someone cruel? Do we shrink from the hurt? Do we curl into a cocoon of self-loathing? Do we turn the other cheek and rise above, or slink off into a corner to nurse our wounds? For one Indiana teenager, the answer is simple: buy every damn cupcake in the place.

According to the New York Post, 19-year-old Vega Blossom was at her favorite bakery, waiting in line for a half-dozen of life’s purest pleasures, when a non-child, fully grown, adult human person standing behind her sniggered to a companion, “Let’s hope this fat bitch doesn’t buy all the cupcakes.” I say companion and not friend, because surely this person doesn’t actually have friends. But rather than internalize that mean-girl bullshit, Vega thought of, as she told Caters News, “the best possible thing I could do back to them that wasn’t horrible, but that would teach them a lesson about respecting others.” So she bought every cupcake they had — 20 in total.

Vega’s choice to go for the full Liz Lemon-ing makes her this story’s true hero, but she had backup: according to the Post, employees of the unnamed bakery heard the stranger — who we should once again state was not a child and was in fact an adult person who presumably has something resembling a soul — fat-shaming a 19-year-old girl. They responded by sending Vega home with a bunch of free chocolate and cookies, as well as her 20 cupcakes. That this story has a “none for Gretchen Weiners” moment makes it all the more delicious.


Revenge is a dish best served with frosting, bitches.